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Integrated Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities

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Program overview

Geared towards training infrastructure engineers to isolate and seek solutions regarding problems with individual infrastructure systems.

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Meet Our Creative Team of Individuals

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CREATE – IISC (Integrated Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities) IS A

Create-IISC is primarily funded by the NSERC-CREATE funding envelope (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council – Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program.

Our key objective is to train students to consider the impact of disruptive forces and trans-formative technologies on urban infrastructure systems.

We have collaborated with Canadian universities, federal and provincial authorities, municipalities and industry stakeholders. All these parties can offer direction and advice regarding the types of research that should be conducted under the umbrella of IISC to bridge the gap between university research and real-world needs.

Create- IISC is a unique program that provides multidisciplinary training in integrated infrastructure systems spanning transportation, building, water, and waste and energy systems, especially as they pertain to the introduction of disruptive technologies.


 Efficient use of energy and natural resources when designing, developing, and operating infrastructures should be given priority. Communities must find new techniques and materials to reduce their reliance on critical resources. 


It is important to understand the integration between various infrastructure systems by considering various inputs, nodes of interaction, transformations, and outputs. Sustainability concepts can be applied to resolve infrastructure needs and to develop associated technological innovations.


Sustainability in public works involves taking a balanced approach between project design and implementation by efficiently utilizing the available natural resources  to meet the economic, environmental, and societal needs of the community. 

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Meet the teaM


Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of academics and students from the University of Calgary (U of C) Schulich School of Engineering (SSE), Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS), Haskayne School of Business (HSB), and Faculty of Science (FS). We also boast academics and students from University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Victoria (UVic), and University of Waterloo (U of W). Our key partnerships include the City of Calgary, Alberta Transportation, CUTRIC, Stantec, and support from other industry partners.

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