About Iisc

The Goal of the program

The goal of the IISC program is to fill the growing gap between existing educational training programs and real-world needs.
Although sustainable infrastructure-related concepts are taught in various programs in universities across Canada, no program currently provides multi-disciplinary training in integrated infrastructure systems spanning transportation, building, water/waste, and energy systems, especially as they pertain to the introduction of disruptive technologies. This type of holistic approach to urban infrastructure analysis is critical in enabling policy and decision makers to assess the system- wide efficiency of policies, capital investments, operational budget allocations and to deal with climate change related issues to meet sustainability goals.

We aim to train and prepare 21st century infrastructure engineers and planners to become leaders in their selected fields and professions in academia and industry. These individuals will be able to respond to challenges arising from the introduction of trans-formative and disruptive technologies into our lives and address the sustainability aspirations of our communities.

Program Overview