CREATE – IISC Collaborators

Industry collaborators

  • City of Calgary (Public Transport/Calgary Roads, Climate Change/Planning and Policy, Waste and Recycling)
  • Stantec
  • Alberta Transportation
  • CUTRIC (Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium)


newly- Joined Collaborators

  • Associated engineering Group Ltd. (Water Resources)
  • Infrastructure Canada (Strategic and Sectoral Policy)
  • CERI (Canadian Energy Research Institute)(R&D)


Academic Collaborators (Internal)

  • Dr. Jennifer He (Water Quality)
  • Dr. Andrew Tay (Wastewater)
  • Dr. Alireza Sabouri (Logistics)
  • Dr. Carey Williamson (Communication Networks)


Academic Collaborators (External)

  • Dr. Catherine Mulligan of Concordia (Sustainable Infrastructure)
  • Dr. Gouldson of University of Leeds (Environmental Policy)
  • Dr. William Lam of Hong Kong Ploytechnic (Network Modeling)